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"IPN Stankostroenie"
Thermal production Name

Equipment for heat treatment allows to obtain a metal structure that provides high performance characteristics of products.

The production capabilities of the Instrument-Making Plant are provided with the following technologies:

Types of heat treatment Maximum working space, mm
electric furnace
Heat treatment in high vacuum (up to 10 5 mm Hg) of all grades of steels and alloys, including those with the possibility of cooling with nitrogen high (up to 10 atm) pressure.
Examples of heat treatment:
  • hardening for high hardness of finished parts made of steels of type 30x13 (radiation hardening);
  • gas hardening of dies, dies and other tools;
  • annealing of large-sized products for extraction;
  • annealing of complex welded structures made of titanium alloys;
  • thermo-sizing and much more.
900 x 1200 x 700
Minimal warpage, high surface quality
Oxidizing heat treatment of all steel grades, iron-nickel, nickel, titanium, copper, aluminum alloys Ø1000 x 1500 (1280) Parts can be cooled in water, oil, alkali solution, or in molten nitrate, alkali (isometric hardening)
Low-oxidation heat treatment of all grades of steels, cast irons and iron-nickel, nickel alloys in molten salts (tools, small parts prone to decarburization, etc.) 450 x 450 x 280
Low-oxidation heat treatment in a protective atmosphere of argon, nitrogen 550 x 800 x 400
Quenching of billets and parts made of beryllium bronzes in dissociated ammonia in a plant with a water seal Ø140 x 250 (790)  
Heat treatment with high frequency currents - It may be necessary to manufacture an inductor for a specific part
Cold treatment down to -80 ° С for structural, stainless, tool steels, etc. 400 x 400 x 400  
Aging, annealing in low vacuum (up to 10 2 mmHg) of copper and copper alloys 300 x 600 x 200
Thermal stabilization of the dimensions of complex, dimensional parts made of steels and alloys in aerodynamic heating furnaces 1250 x 1450 x 2000
High stability and uniformity of heating
Liquid carburizing (in the environment of kerosene thermal decomposition products) Ø460 x 600 (950)  
Design and manufacture of thermal equipment of any complexity


  1. Ipsen VUTK-1324 - vacuum oven with convection heating and hardening with high pressure nitrogen for large parts with dimensions 700 x 1100 mm.
  2. SGV-2.4.2 / 15; SNVE-1.3.1 / 16; SNVE-2.4.2 / 16; SVS-100/13 - vacuum furnaces for smaller parts.
  3. СНО; SNZ 11.22.7 / 12; PShZ-10L5M2; СШЗ-10У7 - models of furnaces for processing in an oxidizing environment.
  4. Ts-60A - model of a furnace for carburizing parts made of steels (type 20KhNZA, 12Kh 2N4A) with dimensions of 700 x 700 mm.

Quality Control

  • Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell hardness testers - for hardness control;
  • tensile testing machines and impact devices - to control mechanical properties. It is also possible to determine the mechanical properties at low and high temperatures;
  • analysis in a metallographic laboratory - to control grain size, burnout.