Joint Stock Company
"IPN Stankostroenie"
Assembly production Name

The assembly plant is designed to work with products under the state defense order (GOZ) and has the necessary infrastructure and a complex of specialized buildings designed and built for working with explosives and radioactive materials, taking into account regulatory requirements, taking into account the conditions of special security, secrecy and physical protection.

Production provides work on:

  • assembling (disassembling) ammunition;
  • incoming inspection of components supplied by cooperation;
  • manufacture of means of initiation and explosive devices;
  • disposal of ammunition and their components;
  • storage and transportation of ammunition and their components.

Working conditions with us

Workplaces equipped with modern equipment and technological equipment (assembly and dismantling stands, stands for determining mass-centering characteristics, devices for lifting transportation, gluing, etc.) have been organized.

The personnel is certified and allowed to perform special work in conditions of danger and harm. Training in work techniques is carried out using interactive training videos that allow you to visually present the design features of the product and methods of safe work performance, taking into account the requirements of design, technological and regulatory documentation.