Joint Stock Company
"IPN Stankostroenie"
Surface Mount Electronic Components Name

The instrument-making plant produces the following types of printed circuit boards:

  • Thru-metallized multilayer PCBs;
  • multilayer PCBs with exposed pads;
  • double-sided PCBs;
  • single sided printed circuit boards;
  • embossed printed circuit boards.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • maximum production capacity of the site up to 0.6 m 2 / hour;
  • accuracy class - up to 4 with elements of class 5 according to GOST 23751-86;
  • production time for the first batch - 3 weeks (subject to availability of design documentation and machine description);
  • data format PCAD 4.5, PCAD 2000/2001/2006, Gerber RS 274-X, CAM 350, Altium Designer;
  • blank dimensions - standard 510 x 305 mm, 305 x 230 mm, 350 x 250 mm, maximum up to 510 x 390 mm;
  • number of MPP layers - up to 8 for MCO, up to 16 for OKP;
  • thickness of MPP layers - from 0.1 mm;
  • PCB thickness - from 0.25 to 3.2 mm;
  • contour and grooves - of any complexity (milling).
  • minimum plated hole diameter 0.3 mm;
  • glass fiber laminates of domestic and foreign production with a copper foil thickness of 18 microns and 35 microns (standard), 50 microns;
  • protective mask: dry film SPFZ-VSH "Metakrilar-2" and liquid protective solder mask lmagecureSMARTXV501T-4;
  • finishing coatings: POS-61 with IR reflow, hot tinning with hot air leveling;
  • silver-palladium-finish connectors;
  • marking: line width / gap - 0.15 mm / 0.15 mm;
  • 100% electrical control of the finished board;
  • optical inspection of layers and printed circuit boards.

Equipment complex

  • automatic electroplating line model E40;
  • modern conveyor etching lines complete with installations for electro-chemical regeneration of copper etching solution, photoresist development, protective mask development, layer preparation before pressing, metal resist removal, photoresist removal;
  • setting the exposure with automatic registration of masks model AT30CL;
  • CNC drilling and milling machines from SCHMOLL series system 2/2, system 3/4, MX 2-125;
  • X-ray unit based on drilling and milling machine model XRC from SCHMOLL;
  • system for automatic optical inspection of printed circuit boards;
  • installation of a pinless optical assembly of the MPP package model PRS 77;
  • vacuum press RLKV63 / 4 for gluing MPP;
  • installation of electrical control of printed circuit boards model SPEEDY588, LOC8 Evo2;
  • PC4700 IR reflow unit, 724HP vacuum applicator, AKTI PRINT UV drying unit;
  • installation for cutting thin roll materials ROBUST FSMK 15 N2 L;
  • inkjet printer MicroJet MJP6151-KL f. Microcraft (Japan) is intended for marking printed circuit boards;
  • automatic laminator 1600 SPC / T with preheating device;
  • installation for direct exposure of the photoresist and a protective MIVA 2608 DI solder mask;
  • a set of clean, air-conditioned rooms for the production of photo templates, photolithography and assembly of a package of multilayer printed circuit boards (MPP);
  • complex of modern laboratory equipment, etc.