Joint Stock Company
"IPN Stankostroenie"
Surface Mount Electronic Components Name

The enterprise uses a set of surface-mount equipment to mount elements on printed circuit boards of nuclear power plant products and consumer goods:

  • non-screen printer for applying solder paste on MY500 printed circuit boards from MYDATA (Sweden). Applies without a stencil (according to a program based on CAD data) paste on pads for chip components from 0201, components with a pitch of 0.4 mm. Maximum board size 508 x 508 mm;
  • automatic installer of MY100LXe-10 components from MYDATA (Sweden). Installable components: chips from 01005, SOIC, PLCC, TSOP, QFP with a pitch of up to 0.1 mm, BGA with a pitch of ball leads up to 0.16 mm. Number of 8 mm feeders: 112. Maximum board size: 419 x 443 mm;
  • convection reflow oven RO400FC-C from Essemtec (Switzerland). 5 heating zones. Conveyor width 60 - 400 mm;
  • assembly complex for assembly / disassembly of small pitch components and BGA components. Consists of:
    • installer of MPL3100 components from Essemtec (Switzerland);
    • working platform ST500 by Race (USA);
    • heater (thermostat) ST400 from Race (USA);
    • hot air soldering station ST325 from Race (USA).
  • Nikon XTV130 X-ray quality control unit.

The complex allows for automated assembly of surface mount components on printed circuit boards ranging from 70 x 50 mm to 400 x 443 mm, thickness from 0.4 to 6 mm.