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"IPN Stankostroenie"
Manufacturing of metal structures laser cutting Name

The company has installed sheet-processing equipment from TRUMF. This equipment includes a laser cutting complex and a plate bending machine.

The laser technological complex is designed for laser cutting - cutting of sheet material and pipes. The bending mill is designed for precise bending of sheet material, production of complex shaped products without a weld.

Laser cutting uses a beam of adjustable power, which is an ideal tool for cutting ferrous, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, while providing a high-quality smooth cut surface. The use of precise coordinate tables removes any restrictions on the geometric complexity of the cut parts. Special programs create plans in which laser cutting is carried out with the maximum use of the material.

Computer preparation of work programs in combination with a short technological production period allows us to produce batches of parts with high accuracy and in a short time.

The complex is equipped with punching, designed for punching, nibbling, embossing and other shaping operations with a metal sheet.

Hardware parameters

Laser cutting:

  • Productivity - 300 m / min;
  • Laser power - 6000 W.

Maximum thickness of the processed sheet:

  • Structural steel - 20 mm;
  • Stainless steel - 12 mm;
  • Aluminum alloys - 8 mm.


  • Length of the processed part without interception - 3000 mm;
  • Maximum processing diameter - 414 mm;
  • The minimum turning diameter is 20 mm.

Maximum wall thickness:

  • Structural steel - 12 mm;
  • Stainless steel - 5 mm;
  • Aluminum alloys - 4 mm.


  • Gain - 1300 kN;
  • Bending length - 3060 mm.

Positioning Accuracy:

  • Y-axis - 0.01 mm;
  • X-axis - 0.04 mm;
  • Axis R - 0.08 mm.

On the basis of the TRUMPF laser complex, the production of constructs and other complex products has been organized. We produce metal cabinets for a wide range of applications:

  • office filing cabinets;
  • tool cabinets;
  • wardrobes for changing rooms;
  • switchgear cabinets.