Joint Stock Company
"IPN Stankostroenie"
Analytical, testing, metrological services Name

The enterprise has control-analytical, testing, metrological services.

Research, control and analytical work is carried out in the Central Factory Laboratory using modern equipment and advanced technologies:

  • chemical methods of analysis (qualitative and quantitative analysis using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry);
  • spectral methods of analysis (qualitative and quantitative analysis using optical emmission and X-ray fluorescent portable express analyzers);
  • metallographic methods (micro- and macroanalysis of the internal structure and surfaces with stereo and inverted microscopes);
  • non-destructive testing methods (ultrasonic and magnetic flaw detection, X-ray mammography).

The Periodic Testing Laboratory is designed for environmental and mechanical testing.

Mechanical tests

  • sinusoidal vibration, up to 120 d;
  • broadband random vibration, up to 120 days;
  • single hit, up to 40,000;
  • linear acceleration, up to 2000 d.

Climatic tests

  • in the temperature range from -60 to + 300 ° С;
  • high humidity from 10 to 90%;
  • reduced (up to 5 mm Hg) and increased (up to 3 atm) atmospheric pressure;
  • sprinkling, salt (sea) fog;
  • dynamic action of dust.

The metrological service (MS) of the enterprise is accredited for the right to verify measuring instruments, attestation of measurement techniques, metrological examination of documentation.

Devices and Measured Parameters

MS is equipped with modern high-precision measurement equipment:

  • electrical quantities;
  • radio engineering quantities;
  • heat engineering values;
  • mechanical quantities;
  • physical and chemical quantities;
  • geometric values;
  • parameters of ionizing radiation.


  • current and voltage calibrators;
  • digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, frequency meters;
  • dry air and liquid temperature calibrators;
  • force measuring machines;
  • mass comparators;
  • coordinate measuring machines;
  • video microscopes.

The measuring park includes about 30,000 pieces of measuring equipment, which allows solving the most complex measuring tasks.

To ensure incoming control at the enterprise, automated control systems are used, including:

  • automated test system "VAKHTA", "FROST";
  • tester for testing semiconductor devices, model "Formula-TT" and microcircuits, model "Formula-2K".