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Гидравлические гильотинные ножницы MAXIMA

Гидравлические гильотинные ножницы MAXIMA

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Ножницы MAXIMA присутствуют на рынке металлообрабатывающих станков почти 20 лет благодаря своей надежности, универсальности и доступной цене.

Гидравлические гильотинные ножницы PRIMA

Гидравлические гильотинные ножницы PRIMA

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Гильотинные ножницы PRIMA удобны для интенсивной работы мастерских по ремонту и центров обслуживания.

Станок лазерной резки W-Fiber

Станок лазерной резки W-Fiber

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Станок лазерной резки W-Fiber – это высокая производительность, точность и надежность. Он подходит для резки различных материалов, включая материалы с высокой отражательной способностью.

Установка плазменной резки W-Power M-Series

Установка плазменной резки W-Power M-Series

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Установка W-Power M-Series – система плазменной резки с очень привлекательным соотношением цена/качество, подходит для среднетяжелой обработки стали.

Industrial cutting equipment is used for cutting metal parts of various shapes.

Our company produces PRIMA and MAXIMA hydraulic guillotine shears, plasma cutting machines (W-Power M-Series) and laser cutting machines (W-Fiber machine).

Guillotine scissors

Guillotine shears are equipment that performs direct, transverse or longitudinal cutting of sheet and strip metals into blanks of the required size. They allow you to make precise cuts without defects, without disturbing the upper polymer layer and the paint coating. Depending on the type and purpose of the hydraulic scissors, the thickness of the cut sheet metal can reach up to 3.5 cm.

Plasma cutting machines

Plasma cutting machines are equipment whose main tool is a plasma jet. They are used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, instrument making, metal rolling plants, etc.

The advantages of such machines are that the metal is cut smoothly and without defects; there is no need for additional processing; the cutting area is not heated, which eliminates the deformation of the metal; it is possible to work with any metals; high processing speed.

Laser cutting machines

Laser cutting machines are equipment whose operation is based on the thermal effect of laser radiation on metal. Designed for engraving and cutting metal products. The advantages of laser machines are the simplicity and high precision of processing parts, no need for additional processing, the ability to cut parts of any shape and work with hard alloys, no mechanical impact on the workpieces, high processing speed.

Also, cutting equipment includes gas-oxygen, waterjet, band saw, disk machines.

Gas-oxygen cutting

Gas-oxygen cutting takes place by heating the metal when a gas mixture and oxygen are applied to the metal to be processed and then cutting it with an oxygen jet.

Waterjet cutting

In waterjet cutting, the main tool is a mixture of water and abrasive material compressed under high pressure.

Metal cutting with band saws and circular saws

Band sawing machines are designed for sawing metal, wooden blanks. The working tool is a continuously moving closed band saw. When cutting metal with a disc, the cutting tool is a rapidly rotating disc, which is driven by an electric motor.

How to choose cutting equipment

  • When choosing cutting equipment, you need to start from the specifics of production, from the type of cut parts.
  • First of all, pay attention to the quality of the cutting knives, their relative position, fixation and fit, the material from which they are made.
  • Cutting tools made of high-alloy steel with heat treatment are characterized by high strength, hardness and wear resistance. To increase the service life of the knives, volumetric quenching is carried out, this allows you to re-sharpen the knives.
  • The surface of the parts must be sanded and contain minimal gaps, otherwise there will be a skew and displacement of the knives, which will affect the quality of cutting.

Hydraulic guillotines and laser and plasma cutting machines. Maxima / Prima / W-Fiber / W-Power

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