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Product request universal lathe nef 400

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About product


Work area

Max. workpiece diameter 385 mm
Max. turning diameter 350 mm
Max. workpiece length when machining in centers 650 mm
Max. chuck diameter 250 mm


Main spindle

Max. spindle speed 4 500 rpm
Power (duty cycle 100%) 8 kW (AC)
Torque (Duty 100%) 240 Nm
Spindle diameter in front bearing 130 mm
Max. diameter of the processed bar 65 mm


Turret (standard)

Number of tool positions according to VDI / DIN 69880 12
Number of driven tools / max. speed 6/4500 rpm
Power (duty cycle 100%) 3 kW (AC)
Torque (Duty 100%) 13 Nm


Turret support

Rapid traverse of X / Y / Z axes 30 / - / 30 m / min



Machine weight 3,500 kg



Basic machine


  • NEF 400 V3, 5th generation ISM 2-axis universal lathe with C-axis, working length 650 mm
  • Main spindle: integrated spindle-motor power 8.0/11.5 kW (100/40 % ED), 4500 min-1
  • Sauter 12-position disc turret
  • Mounting system VDI 30, according to DIN 69880-30 for non-driven tools, drive for 6 positions according to DIN 5480
  • C-axis and spindle brake (hydraulic)
  • Automatic tailstock
  • Chip tray and coolant feeder
  • CELOS interface with Siemens 840D sl or Heidenhain CNC system without CELOS


CNC system


  • CELOS with Siemens 840D sl Operate includes 21,5“ ERGOline ®
  • Control with Multi-Touch-Screen.


Option for spindle


  • Closed clamping device, maximum internal diameter of the clamping pipe 67 mm, 714 mm depth (requires the order of the hydraulic unit B-H4010).


Coolant supply / Chip removal

  • B-F4300-machine without a pallet, but with a chip conveyor, lifting height 1250 mm, chip removal to the right.

  • B-Z0400-coolant gun for chip removal.



  • B-Z0205*-signal lamp, 4-color.


Other options

  • B-Z0830-a variant of the "BLACK" design: the panels around the window in the door of the working area are black.
  • B-H4010-hydraulic unit (required for clamping device and lunettes).
  • B-Z0515-footswitch for tailstock control.
  • B-A0335* - process cycle for entering an alternative speed to reduce the impact of vibration on the machining process (Only for the Siemens CNC system).


Packing / Transport / Installation

  • B-Y0000-packaging for transportation by road.
  • B-Y0010-delivery under FCA conditions (preparation of accompanying documents, loading).

Additional Information


  • Integrated spindle drive with 340 Nm, 4500 rpm and 11.5 kW:
    • Integrated liquid-cooled spindle motor for maximum thermal stability;
    • Improved C axis accuracy thanks to 0.001 ° resolution.
  • 12-position turret VDI 30 max. with 6 driven tools:
    • Servo driven turret for maximum operational reliability;
    • Up to 6 driven tools for complex parts;
    • Automatic tailstock with hydraulic drive as standard;
    • Power tools with 17.5 Nm torque, 4500 rpm and 5.5 kW.
  • Accuracy:
    • Maximum precision and thermal stability thanks to liquid-cooled main drives and spindle bearing;
    • Spindle bearing up to 130 mm diameter;
    • High stability thanks to one-piece cast iron base with four rails.
  • New design: improved view of the work area, easy operation, compact design;
  • DMG ERGOline control panel with 21.5-inch screen, 3D modeling software, and CELOS interface;
  • Compact design thanks to a rigid cast-iron base;
  • Best-in-class drive technology: digital drives;
  • Easy and convenient chip removal thanks to the design of the bed.

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