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Электромеханический листогибочный пресс Logica

Электромеханический листогибочный пресс Logica

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Данный 4-х осевой электромеханический листогибочный пресс один из лучших продуктов линейки Logica, с высоким уровнем эксплуатационных качеств, точности, производительности и энергетической эффективности.

Гидравлический листогибочный пресс Futura

Гидравлический листогибочный пресс Futura

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Листогибочный пресс Futura имеет широкий ряд моделей, настраивается под любые параметры, двигается быстро и точно благодаря мощной оперативной системе, безопасен для оператора, работающего за станком.

Гидравлический листогибочный пресс Evoluta

Гидравлический листогибочный пресс Evoluta

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Пресс Evoluta справляется с гибкой листов различных параметров, обладает высокой производительностью и безопасностью, гарантирует качество получаемой продукции и скорость ее выполнения.

Bending equipment includes machines and presses for directional deformation of metal. Sections of the surface are subjected to pressure and the workpieces change shape. It is possible to process steel, brass, copper, aluminum materials, sheets of other metals, alloys.

Types of bending equipment

Installations are divided into three categories:

  • manual;
  • hydraulic;
  • electromechanical.

Manual models are characterized by mobility, small size, and limited performance. Such units are used in servicing equipment, home workshops.

Hydraulic press brakes affect sheets with a high level of precision. The error is up to 0.1 mm. This is the best option if deep drawing of metal is required, bending of thick sheets.

The design of electromechanical bending equipment includes an electric motor, a gearbox, and a drive system. Stationary units have pedal or push-button control that does not require physical effort. The role of the electric bending machine operator is to start, load blanks, remove bent products, turn off the unit.

Hydraulic and electromechanical CNC machines are used on automated conveyors for the production of metal products. Such bending equipment is equipped with accessories that increase processing functionality. The use of CNC presses allows you to quickly repurpose production, expand and change the range.

How to choose bending equipment

When comparing different models of bending machines,

  • depth of material feeding;
  • deflection length;
  • maximum sheet thickness;
  • performance;
  • price;
  • power;
  • types of configurations of finished products.

The size of the table, the availability and assortment of equipment are also important. Replaceable segment knives are used when bending box-shaped, profile shapes. In addition, units with a rotary beam, press brakes are suitable for the production of box sections. To make radius parts, roll machines are used.

The maximum bending angle depends on the series, machine model. A bending force table is included with each model. It must be borne in mind that continuous operation at maximum loads leads to rapid wear of the equipment.

Advantages of bending machines

  • High performance;
  • Versatility;
  • Durability;
  • Reliability, reliability.

Applications of bending equipment

Machine tools and presses are used in large and small batch production of metal products. Bending equipment is used to manufacture parts of simple and complex shapes. Facade cassettes, elements of roofing systems, air ducts, air conditioners are produced on automated lines.

Hydraulic and electromechanical press brakes. Logica / Futura / Evoluta

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