Joint Stock Company
"IPN Stankostroenie"

The catalog contains a wide range of industrial equipment, including the following main categories: bending, testing, metalworking, cutting, thermal, as well as a separate group of Russian-made machines.

Bending equipment

They are aggregates for giving a metal workpiece a certain shape (profile) by means of contact action. The group is represented by electromechanical and hydraulic press brakes.

Test equipment

These are stands for reproducing the operating conditions of any structural elements, assembly units. This category includes electrodynamic installations for testing products under vibration, acceleration, voltage.

Metalworking machines

These are devices for mechanically changing the shape and texture of metal, wood, polymer blanks. These are various turning, milling, grinding machines, as well as multifunctional centers (they combine several functions).

Cutting mechanisms

Required for high-precision cutting of metal sheets (with minimal deviations in respect of axial alignment, angular shifts, radius curvature from the planned values). The group includes hydraulic guillotine shears, laser and plasma cutting machines.

Thermal industrial equipment

It is a unit for high-temperature processing of metals, namely for hardening, normalization, tempering, annealing, as well as sintering alloys of different crystal structures. The category is quite extensive, it includes resistance furnaces of periodic and continuous operation, thermal diffusion and thermocompression plants, large vacuum shaft furnaces, as well as thermal vacuum test benches, tokamaks, vacuum chambers, gas discharge chambers, and vacuum pumps.

Russian-made machines

A separate category of high-tech equipment for machining metal: CNC lathes, universal milling machines, multifunctional centers for multi-axis one-time work on a workpiece.